Monday, 8 September 2014

The Finished Peplum Blouse

Yes well the peplum blouse is finished and even though I would NEVER have bought this fabric as flowers are not my choice to wear, I do think it looks OK with the plain teal contrast. I happened to have this in my stash and it went so well with the plain offcut I had that it kinda grew on me as a together item.
 The self made belt was also a first for me and I can see this outfit working with the blouse tucked in to white jeans and the belt through the loops.

I think I was checking for cobwebs when the camera went off in this photo!!

I also made the trousers awhile ago and wore them because they were the right tone but looking at the photos I know I've come a long way since I made them as they look too baggy in the legs now.

I must say that studying the photographs gives me a good angle for self criticism.

Next blog will see the finished jacket I'm working on.

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