Sunday, 26 April 2015

The Final Vest / Gilet

That's it now - I've done with fleece fabric and my vest and jacket wardrobe is full - enough already.
So here it is, my last fleece sleeveless gilet made out of the fabric left over from the first one I ever made which was a hoody with no pockets. I don't like hoodies and I MUST have pockets so what was I thinking...

Anyway by using the hood  I just about had enough to cut out the high collar for this vest.

 I used black fold over elastic on the armholes, pockets and hem edges to match with the black open ended zip.

The garment was super quick to cut out and sew together as I had used the same pattern more than once before and it gets easier every time I do it. I used the method described in the Craftsy Class on sewing with fleece which is to use double sided tape along the zip edges to secure them in place for stitching. This works extremely well and makes putting them in a walk in the park - However, top stitching afterwards was an absolute nightmare as the 'glue' made the needle sticky and then it kept missing stitches so I ended up going over it several times, cleaning the needle in between to get it to work.

The fold over elastic was used to bind and only very gently eased before using a zigzag stitch. I used it on the pockets to pull the design together.

This is a great layering garment and wind beater and will be great when I'm on my bike.

I'm already designing my next project, a shirt using a crisp cotton fabric but it's only got to the sketch book stage at this time. Follow my blog for updates of when I publish the next one and thank you for reading.

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