Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Shoe T-Shirt Take two

This is the Short Sleeve Shoe Shirt [try saying that quickly!!]

This is the second T-Shirt using my £2.00 bargain of this funky shoe fabric. I tried a 'V' neck version this time and I am quite pleased with how it turned out.


Here is a close up of the 'V' bit where you can hopefully just make out that I crossed the two ends to create the neat V shape. I used the same method of hemming as the long sleeve version [blogged here].

I cut the longest sleeve length I could out of the fabric that was left over from the first version but I think it could have been a tad shorter however, even though this is a stretch T-shirt fabric, it's quite heavy and drapes well so the sleeves sort of float and I'm happy with the look at the moment. I could always shorten them later if I think it's a problem.

Both tops were completed almost exclusively on the overlocker except for the top stitch zig-zagging around the neckline and hem edges.

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